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Debbie Trople
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My family moved to the Avenues on "H" Street, in Salt Lake City, in 1959 from Rocks Springs, WY! I was not quite 6 years old at that time. I had 4 siblings, 2 brothers & 2 sisters! Then one additonal brother arrived in 1964! There was never a dull moment since the 4 of us were born between 1950 to 1954! What on earth were Mom & Dad thinking!

I fondly remember walking to grade school with my siblings and local friends, delivering papers with my brother 11months, 3 weeks older than me. All of us graduated from High School in the Salt Lake area. We all loved hanging out Lindsey Gardens, Liberty Park and Sugarhouse. Also Skiing, Camping Trips, Hiking and Picnicing and going out to the Great Salt Lake...flats!  What memories!

If you are ever at 3rd & "N" Street..check out the well maintained Phillips 66 Gas Station! My dad was a Top Notch mechanic and owned/operated this gas station in the 60'S and several others over the next few years.

My mom got her BA degree in Early Childhood at Westminster College at 48 yrs old and then got her MA at 52 while still raising kids! She taught Kindergarten & First grade for 25 years in the Salt Lake and Rose Park area.

We moved to Herbert Avenue in Historic Gilmer Park in Mid-December,1967! My mother is now 86 years old, and still lives in this same house!

I live with her now so she can stay in this wonderful vintage home built in 1918 as long as possible!I lived out-of-state a few years, but came back in October 1999 from The Woodlands, TX area, just Northwest of Houston. My Son, his wife, and my very smart and adorable grand-daughters still live in Texas!

I was a trainer, developer and curriculum designer for years, mostly in the travel industry! I continued to be a trainer when I first moved back to Salt Lake City.

Then in March 2003 I decided to make a BIG change in my life and JUMP into Real Estate! I consider Salt Lake City to be my home town and totally embrace & enjoy living so close to the mountains, resorts, local businesses of all kinds, many within walking distance, biking, trax or front runner! I know the Salt Lake and surrounding Areas Very Well!

How Wonderfully "Big and Small", Diverse & Talented, Gifted and Giving, Inventive and Informative, Chaming, Charmed and Seriously Fun and Funny our Salt Lake and Surrounding Communites have become!

It is both a pleasure and a priviledge to assist Sellers and Buyers with the selling and purchasing of Real Estate properties!I look forward to talking and meeting with you SOON! 


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