The Rose of Rose Park

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Rose Park is an area located five minutes to downtown Salt Lake City. It's west of I-15, north of 600 north, and east of Redwood Road. There are a few old historic pioneer homesteads still out there but the area is mostly small starter homes built after WWII for the returning veterans who got jobs working for the railroads and in the rail yards nearby. The original developer plotted out the streets in the shapes of several roses, all coming off the main street/stem, called 'American Beauty'. The names of many of the streets are the names of rose varieties and the original roofing shingles to the original homes were either red or green.

I'm always surprised when I list a home out there and find out the sellers didn't know where the 'Rose' of Rose Park came from! I also have to sometimes blindfold people to get them there because so many folks I work with are east side snobs. Upon arriving on American Beauty Drive they are always amazed at how nice a neighborhood it is, with beautiful tree-lined streets and well kept homes. I swear the neighborhood there gets out every night in the summer and had clips their yards with pinking shears to make those lawns looks so beautiful.

Over the years some great things have happened to the area, and there are more in the works: The Jordan River Parkway has been extended and the bike trail is terrific; TRAX is going to be completed in the next 15-24 months to the airport, making Rose Park an extremely transit oriented neighborhood (already has great bus service); a new library and eco-garden; and my favorite, the Rose Park Golf Course and little par three course next door to it. There are also new home subdivisions and ball parks popping up all over now that the freeway was upgraded past 2200 North. Plus, there is a toy airplane field/landing strip hidden out there for kids of all ages.

I think Rose Park is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse areas in the Salt Lake Valley. Check out the rugby and soccer action at any of the fields out there on the weekends and see what I mean.

Home prices are amazing-you can get a 1200-1800 sq. ft. home on a large lot with a one or two car garage from $145-$175,000 depending on the condition. The newer homes are 10-20% more. No more driving to west Egypt to get a good deal, just start exploring the Rose of Rose Park for a five minute commute to downtown. And there are other great close-in neighborhoods along the Jordan River, like Poplar Grove and Glendale. Living closer to work is a greener alternative and with TRAX being extended to the airport these areas are going to become even more desirable to buyers.